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Water Transport Division


To become the ultimate Leader and first choice for a safe operation of inland vessels by transporting our raw materials and inland vessel building with a long-term goal to serve the nation and its people.



To build up a large inland coastal vessel’s fleet as backward linkage for smooth and safe transportation of Raw materials from Chittagong port, Mongla port and Haldia & Kolkata, India by using River route.



Seven Circle (Bangladesh) Limited and Shun Shing Cement Mills Limited has 33 nos. of Inland Coastal cargo vessels covering total Cargo carrying Capacity of 46450 M/tons. All vessels are engaged to carry all type of raw materials from Chittagong port, Mongla Port and Private Jetties in Kolkata, Indian to our both the cement plants situated at Kaligonj, Gazipur, and Labonchara, Khulna and have own jetties for berthing the vessels and ensuring smooth discharging of raw materials by Shore crane in the storage silo.



First-time WTD made a record in Shipbuilding Industry of Bangladesh by building 10nos. new ships at a time. The ships will be commissioned very soon. The total cargo carrying capacity will be increased by 21150MTS. Another 10nos. ship is in the pipeline with Drawing/Design in progress with total capacity 23000MTS. The Shipyard is having space where 10nos. ships with capacity 2300MTS can be built. The WTD Shipyard made diversified Water utility bodies of cargo, tanker ships, Pontoons and RO RO Dredger Pontoon which is a unique fit of WTD.



WTD is having a Dockyard with Slipway where vessels are docked for maintenance. The Slipway dockyard has the capacity to do machinery and hall maintenance up to 3000 DWT inland coastal vessels.


WTD has started inland vessel building in the year 2008 and successfully constructed 5 nos. of inland coastal vessels with cargo carrying capacity of 2200 M/tons which was the 1st batch of our shipbuilding yard.

2nd batch construction started in the year 2016 with 10 nos. of inland coastal vessels with cargo carrying capacity 2200 M/tons. All vessels will be constructed and commissioned within the year 2018 and the cargo carrying capacity will be increased by 22000 M/Tons.

The Shipbuilding yard made diversified Water utility bodies for dry bulk cargo, Edible oil tanker vessel, Pontoons, and RO RO Dredger Pontoon.


The ultimate target and focus of WTD is to generate quality, innovation, technology and modern management thereby contributing to the social and economic development of Bangladesh.