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Sales Conference 2023 held

The 4th Sales Conference 2023 of the country’s leading cement brand Seven Rings Cement was
held on 14-16th July 2023.
The conference was organized under the title “Prottoy Akash Choar” at Hotel Sea Pearl Beach Resort
& Spa in Cox’s Bazar was attended by Mr. Ikram Ahmed Khan, Chairman of Shun Shing Group,
Bangladesh Operations & Managing Director of Shun Shing Group, Hong Kong, Vice-chairman
Mr. S. Raihan Ahmed, Managing Director Ms. Tahmina Ahmed, Deputy Managing Director Mr.
Shakib Pasha, Director Ms. Sanjida Kamal Pasha, Director Ms. Arusha Ahmed Khan, Director
Mr. Saif Rahman, Group Chief Financial Officer, and Company Secretary Mr. Md. Kausar Alam,
Chief Technical Officer of Seven Rings Cement Mr. Nantu Kumar Dey, Chief Marketing Officer
(SCBL & SSCML) Mr. Md. Harun-Ur-Rashid, Chief Operating Officer (SSPIL) Mr. Md. Kamrul
Ahsan, General Manager (SSCIL) Mr. ABM Iftekher Alam Siddiqui, along with Heads of
various departments and sales staff from all over the country.
Bangladesh ODI Cricket Team Captain & Brand Ambassador of Seven Rings Cement Tamim
Iqbal Khan and Bangladesh Cricket Super Fan Shoyab Ali also attended the conference.
More than five hundred employees from all over Bangladesh participated in the conference. The
best sales performers and best districts were awarded at the event. The three-day-long conference
concluded with a mesmerizing cultural program.

Board-level Appointments of Shun Shing Group Bangladesh Operations (SSGIL BD) 

Hong Kong-based Shun Shing Group International Limited ( has made board-level appointments for its Bangladesh Operations. 

The Group Managing Director Mr. Ikram Ahmed Khan has been appointed as the Chairman and Mr. S. Raihan Ahmed has been appointed as the Vice-Chairman.

Ms. Tahmina Ahmed has been appointed as the Managing Director of Shun Shing Group BD operations. 

Mr. Shakib Pasha has been appointed as the Deputy Managing Director.

SSGIL is Asia’s top cement & cementitious raw material trader with 35 years of experience with manufacturing investment in Bangladesh and UAE.

SSGIL’s signature brand Seven Rings Cement is Bangladesh’s most preferred cement brand. SSGIL has 4 cement plants in Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, and Dubai with a capacity of 9.4 million metric tons per annum. Group’s other cement brand, named Green Cement, is produced from its Dubai plant.

Please join us in congratulating them on the above appointments to the Board of SSGIL BD operations.

An event of Doa and Milad Mahfil was held on 7th April, Friday at the ‘Sena Malancha Convention Center’

An event of Doa and Milad Mahfil was held on 7th April, Friday at the ‘Sena Malancha Convention Center’ in Dhaka in remembrance of the departed soul of our beloved Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of Shun Shing Group, Hong Kong, and Managing Director of Shun Shing Group, Bangladesh Operations, Mr. Mohammed Ali Pasha.

The family members and friends of the deceased attended the ceremony along with the Board of Directors of Shun Shing Group, Hong Kong & Bangladesh operations, respected leaders of the Bangladesh Cement Manufacturers Association (BCMA), senior officials from various financial institutions and banks, officials from Seven Rings Cement, valued dealers, corporate customers, and senior officials from many organizations.

On behalf of the family, Mr. Sakib Pasha, Director of Shun Shing Group, Hong Kong, Mr. Ikram Ahmed Khan, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Shun Shing Group, Hong Kong, and Shun Shing Group, Operations Bangladesh, and Additional Managing Director of Seven Rings Cement, Ms. Tahmina Ahmed spoke on the life and work of the late Mr. Mohammed Ali Pasha.


The attendees paid heartfelt condolences and prayed for the eternal peace of Mr. Mohammed Ali Pasha. The event ended with an Iftar Mahfil.

We Deeply Mourn

Honorable Managing Director of Seven Rings Cement, Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong-based Shun Shing Group, eminent industrialist Mr. Mohammed Ali Pasha passed away on Friday (24/02/23) at 7:20 am local time in Hong Kong. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun. Mr. Mohammed Ali Pasha was born in 1955 in Anwara, Chattogram.He was 68 at the time of his death.He left behind his wife, 3 children, and countless devotees. We pray for the forgiveness of his departed soul.



Seven Rings Cement wins prestigious “Prime Minister’s National Award for Plantation-2020”

Plants are vital for the ecological balance of our mother nature. We, at Seven Rings Cement, always strive to maintain the ecological balance at our production plants by regular plantation. As a recognition of such relentless effort, Seven Rings Cement has achieved the prestigious ‘Prime Minister’s National Award for Plantation-2020’.

On behalf of Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Md. Shahab Uddin, MP, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, handed over the trophy to Mr. Chowdhury Quamrul Hasan, General Manager, Cement Plant, SSCML, Seven Rings Cement.

The award-giving ceremony took place on the final day of the recently held ‘National Tree Fair 2022’


Seven Rings Cement Achiever’s Night-2022

Recently Seven Rings Cement has organized a family night titled “Seven Rings Cement Achiever’s Night-2022” at Hotel Le Meridian, Dhaka for dealers who won the VRM Package.

Ms. Tahmina Ahmed, Additional Managing Director, Seven Rings Cement, Mr. S. Raihan Ahmed, Director & CEO, Seven Rings Cement, Mr. Saif Rahman, Director, Shun Shing Group International- (Bangladesh Operations), Mr. Kausar Alam, Group Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary, Shun Shing Group International Ltd., Mr. Abul Kalam Azad, Advisor, Seven Rings Cement, Mr. Kamrul Ahasan, Chief Operating Officer-Bag Plant, Mr. Nantu Kumar Dey, Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Gautam Chatterjee, Chief Marketing Officer, Seven Rings Cement and other higher officials were also present at the event.

Mr. Tamim Iqbal Khan, ODI Captain of Bangladesh Cricket Team & Brand Ambassador of Seven Rings Cement was present at this event.

Valued dealers has also given speech and shared their pleasant journey with Seven Rings Cement.

A new Hotline Number (16737) of Seven Rings Cement was launched at the event.

The Achiever’s Night of Seven Rings Cement ended with a fabulous cultural show.

Dealer Conference 2022

Recently, the country’s best cement brand, ‘Seven Rings Cement’ organized a Dealer Conference at ‘The Palace Luxury Resort’, Hobigonj, with the slogan ‘AMRAI AGAMI’ (We are the Future). Distributors from North and South Bengal participated in this 3- day-long event.


Ms. Tahmina Ahmed, Additional Managing Director, Seven Rings Cement, Mr. S. Raihan Ahmed, Director & CEO, Seven Rings Cement, Mr. Kausar Alam, Group Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary, Shun Shing Group International Ltd., Mr. Nantu Kumar Dey, Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Md. Harun Ur Rashid, Head of Marketing, Sales & Distribution, Shun Shing Cement Mills Ltd., and other higher officials were also present at this event.


During the ceremony, the distributors shared their valuable experiences with Seven Rings Cement. Mr. Tamim Iqbal, Captain of Bangladesh ODI Cricket Team & Brand Ambassador of Seven Rings Cement, participated in the event through video conference. Special performance awards were distributed among the best distributors also. The conference concluded with a splendid cultural show.

Shun Shing Group cuts IT costs and improves uptime with Oracle Cloud

Source: Oracle

Business challenges

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Shun Shing Group (SSG) is a vertically integrated cement company that produces 9 million metric tons of cement annually. It operates under Seven Circle Bangladesh in Bangladesh, where it manufactures 8 million tons of cement for the rapidly growing local market and sells its cement under the popular brand Seven Rings Cement. Shun Shing Group also operates under Green Cement Factory in Dubai, where it produces 1 million tons of GGBFS, a green alternative to clinker.

The company has three main business pillars: shipping, manufacturing, and trading. All of them were backed by IT systems spread across different vendors, which made it tough and expensive to manage, especially while scaling up. Mitigating these issues often resulted in downtime, which was a huge problem for a 24/7 business. The different systems were also putting pressure on CPU usage and the company was running out of server space quickly.

In addition to being vulnerable to IT outages, Shun Shing Group’s manufacturing capacity doubled and its outdated on-premises systems were unable to scale with the demand in growth without a large CapEx investment. The aging IT hardware needed a scalable refresh desperately and SSG decided to move to the cloud.


“Bangladesh is gridlocked almost all day, so night time is the only time when most of our truck deliveries are made. With 85% uptime, I used to get furious phone calls in the middle of the night when gates didn’t open on time. With E-Business Suite on OCI, we are no longer worried about the platform and how it will limit or slow down our growth.”

Anika Ali Chowdhury, Director of HR and Digitalization,
Shun Shing Group


Why Shun Shing Group chose Oracle

Shun Shing Group adopted Oracle E-Business Suite in 2016. This long association had established confidence in Oracle’s ability to support growth efforts and understand the company’s business needs.

Company decision-makers were impressed with the various incentives offered by Oracle. They included affordable pricing, various tools to make the transition extremely seamless, and all the support to make the migration successful.

Ultimately, Shun Shing Group decided to move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to migrate its on-premises Oracle E-Business Suite deployment to OCI and gain scalability, flexibility, and efficiencies.

The company did consider other options in the market. For example, it moved an external shipping module from on-premises to Azure public cloud to test out Azure as a cloud option. In the end, Oracle Cloud emerged as the strongest contender because of stability, security, and scalability.



By moving to OCI with Oracle Enterprise Database Service, the company’s core financial workload is more integrated into the manufacturing process. For example, the factory gates no longer open for an outgoing cement truck if the weigh bridge reading does not match system records for sales orders’ total cement weight—saving the company time and money.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides better stability, operational visibility, and control, thus further reducing loss of revenue from logistical issues that took time to get resolved. Sometimes trucks were grounded for hours, resulting in supply chain disruption. This is not the case anymore.

The company also used a third-party shipping solution, which was moved to Azure from the on-premises data center a couple of years before the company’s move to OCI. Because Shun Shing Group handles about 15 million tons of seaborne cargo every year, the performance of this module is extremely critical.

Impressed with the stability of OCI, the company custom built a shipping module in E-Business Suite on OCI’s native application extension capability to develop and run the core functions of this critical shipping module on OCI instead of using the third party tool. Today, all its tools are on one platform, bringing many efficiencies to the business.

After adopting OCI, the company enjoyed more uptime, cost reduction, and ease of infrastructure management. By using OCI for disaster recovery, the company avoids unplanned downtime impacting operations, especially in Bangladesh, where connectivity and latency are big hurdles. Before the move to OCI, the uptime would go as low as 80% to 85% and would reach 90% in a good month. After switching to OCI, the uptime has increased to 95% and beyond. The group is also using Oracle Data Guard for replication from the primary site to the disaster recovery site, thus ensuring high availability and data protection.

The company was also raking up hefty bills by outsourcing the management of different vendors’ systems, so moving to OCI helped reduce IT costs by 30%. The infrastructure is now easier to manage, and a lean IT team effortlessly uses OCI for additional business benefits.



Shun Shing Group worked with Lexicon from Sri Lanka, a partner that not only ensured a smooth migration to OCI, but also shared the requisite knowledge and best practices to help implement OCI securely, efficiently, and optimally.


Published: April 14, 2022

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Country’s leading cement brand Seven Rings Cement recently signed an agreement with SOYO BD International Limited to supply cement.

SOYO BD International Limited is a renowned Chinese Ready Mix supplier company who has 20 years of expertise in ready mix technology and recently start its business in Bangladesh. They have already started suppling ready mix in different projects in Bangladesh.

Seven Rings Cement’s Group Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary Md. Kausar Alam signed the agreement on behalf of the company while Seven Rings Cement’s Director Mr. Saif Rahman, Chief Marketing Officer Gautam Chatterjee, Sr. General Manager Supply Chain Md. Mayeen Uddin, Sr. General Manager Audit Md. A.K.M. Moslem Uddin, Deputy General Manager MES & Large Project Sales Md. Hasibur Rahman, Deputy General Manager Brand & Communications Atique Akbar and Head of Business Development & Technical Support Abu Haiath Md. Thouhidur Rahman were present at the ceremony along with other high officials. On the other side Mr. Dong Chengfeng, Managing Director singed the agreement on behalf of SOYO BD International Limited while Head of Procurement Mr. Lin Yao Xiang, Senior Engineer Mr. Allen, Senior Accountant Mr. Bao and other high officials were present at the ceremony.


Country’s leading cement brand Seven Rings recently signed an agreement with Beijing Urban Construction Group Co. Ltd. (BUCG), to supply cement at Sylhet Osmani International Airport Expansion Project (1st Phase). This Chinese company is implementing the project. Seven Rings Cement’s Chief Marketing Officer Gautam Chatterjee signed the agreement on behalf of the company while Head of Business Development and Technical Support Abu Haiath Md. Thouhidur Rahman and other officials were present at the program. Seven Rings is also supplying cement for under construction mega project Terminal 3 of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, country’s biggest airport in Dhaka.

According to project sources, after the Osmani Airport is modernized, the people of Sylhet will get all the benefits of an international standard airport. Through this project a state-of-the-art terminal building, a cargo building, a modern ATC tower, a taxiway, a modern fire station will be set up at Osmani Airport. The project also includes new boarding bridges, baggage handling systems, flight information display systems, separate substations for uninterrupted power supply, modern fire fighting systems, central air conditioning systems, world-class EDS systems, elevator, escalators, modern CC camera surveillance system, state-of-the-art fuel hydrant systems for Z-1 fuel supply, water treatment plants and drainage systems, voice control communications systems and voice recording radar systems. When the project will be implemented, the passenger capacity will be increased from 6 lakh to 20 lakh; which will change the image of the airport.

Seven Rings mother company Shun Shing Group has been in business operations in Bangladesh for more than three decades. The leading cement Group established three state of the art cement factories in Dhaka, Khulna and Chattagram to manufacture the superior quality cement under the brand name Seven Rings Cement and has been distributing all over remote Bangladesh and exporting cement to Indian market by over thousands of trade partners, through company’s own fleet of transportation. Shun Shing Group has the biggest cement bag plant in Bangladesh which has a capacity to produce about 150 million bags per year. Shun Shing Group also builds lighter vessels in its own Shipyard and these fleet of vessels are transporting cement raw materials and finished cement through waterway in extreme remote markets in Bangladesh. Shun Shing Group Hong Kong has been dealing with cement raw materials trading, bulk commodity trading and shipping businesses in international markets. It has business operations in more than 15 countries across continents including cement manufacturing company in UAE.