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Seven Rings Cement’s mother organization Shun Shing Group Hong Kong has appointed Ms. Tahmina Ahmed as Additional Managing Director for it’s Bangladesh Operations. She has been working here as Director Board since 2007. Shun Shing Group has been in business operations in Bangladesh for the last more than three decades. The leading cement Group established three state of the art cement factories in Dhaka, Khulna and Chattagram to manufacture the superior quality cement under the brand name Seven Rings Cement and has been distributing all over remote Bangladesh and exporting cement to Indian market by over thousand of trade partners, through company’s own fleet of transportation. Shun Shing Group has the biggest cement bag plant in Bangladesh which has capacity to produce about 150 million bags per year. Shun Shing Group also builds lighter vessels in its own Shipyard and these fleet of vessels are transporting cement raw materials and finished Cement through waterway in extreme remote markets in Bangladesh. Shun Shing Group Hong Kong has been dealing with cement raw materials trading, bulk commodity trading and shipping businesses in international markets. It has business operations in more than 15 countries across continents including cement manufacturing company in UAE. Ms. Tahmina Ahmed has been actively contributing in the growth journey of Shun Shing Group through her visionary leadership and business expertise since her joining in Bangladesh Operations.